The Executive of NRCC felt it appropriate to provide a brief update to you on what we have been working on over the past couple of months. 

The Executive Committee has been meeting regularly to address operational issues.

 After several years as Secretary/Treasurer of the NRCC Laura Danforth resigned earlier this year.  She has continued to help with the transition, especially with respect to the prep work for this year’s National, which was critical. 

The Executive determined splitting the roles of secretary and treasurer was appropriate.  Kathy Gatrell from southern Ontario came on board as our new secretary.  Mike Zelman, Director Maritimes, took on the Treasurer’s role.  Both are working hard to get up to speed and making excellent progress.  At the beginning of the year Hope Roberts, Director B.C., took on the Website administration role and has been enhancing and improving the site, on an ongoing basis.

Our new Vice Presidents, Darlene Broomhead and Doug Shepherd, have been working on the implementation of the new Standing Committee format for the Board of Directors, that was approved as a By-law change at the Annual Meeting of Members.  These Committees will role out in the next couple of weeks with Directors participating in the Committee meetings that they have chosen to align with.  

If anyone has a question, or suggestions for us, please touch base, through your local Director, anyone of us on the Executive, or contact Kathy at NRCC Secretary. We appreciate your input and will respond to your comments.

Best of luck to everyone trialing this spring.


Jim Andrew, President

National Retriever Club of Canada