SEPTEMBER 18, 2023


Todays CNRC Report is brought to you by Garmin, official electronic training collar supplier and bib sponsor to the National Retriever Club of Canada.


Another glorious west coast morning greeted judges, workers and handlers for Day 2 of the CNRC. Judges enjoyed coffee and snacks provided by hospitality committee member Sheila Kenny as we waited for the sun to rise and fog begin to dissipate.


Swamp Dog farm is again the site of Series #3,  a water triple. 44 dogs were called back from series #2, dog #16 starts today. As we waited for the fog to clear, the history of Swamp Dog Farm was discussed. The property began as a burnt out hay field, covered with broom and old poplar trees – the remnants of a tree farm which once occupied the area. Through the vision of Barb Loree and Kathy Miner it has become the retriever trainer paradise it is today. Work over the past decade has been focussed on clearing, digging ponds, pulling broom, removing debris from fields, reseeding and the myriad of other tasks required to maintain this type of property. The property today hosts a multitude of dog events including barn hunts, obedience training, hunt tests, pointing dog and spaniel events, as well as field trials. Other activities include an annual bullfrog derby. Truly a multipurpose facility.

Once the fog cleared gunners were placed into the field. Series #3 is a water triple, the order is 1) middle (retired), 2) left (retired) and 3) right. Wind is from the North gusting from 10-20 km/hr.  The long middle retired bird (hen mallard) falls on an open hillside and requires the dogs to traverse 4 pieces of water with a final drive up the hill. Dogs that squared or avoided the water in either direction ended up either up wind or back siding the gunner often ensuing in a long hunt. The left hand station (drake mallard) was also retired with the bird falling in cover just on the back of the point. If dogs did not take the direct line to the bird they often found themselves up wind of the bird, drove deep and also ended up with a long hunt. The go bird (drake mallard) landed in deep cover at the edge of the water. Missing the bird up wind resulted in dogs driving deep with a resulting hunt.

At 8:30 the male test dog FTCH AFTCH Razor’s Catch Me If You Can QFTR JFTR “Sparky”, handled by Nolan Nelkenbrecher came to line. Sparky did a good job, picking the go bird up cleanly, over ran the left hand retired bird, had a quick hunt behind the bird and then picked it up. Sparky ran a good line to the middle retired bird but didn’t drive quite far enough up the hill after exiting the last piece of water. He ended up hunting short, before curving around the back of the gun station, driving up the hill and coming down on the bird.

The female test dog Clubmead’s Dolce Vita “DeeDee”, handled by Debby Montgomery over ran the go bird resulting in a brief hunt up the hill behind the bird. She also over ran the left retired, was on the wrong side of the wind, drove deep and had a hunt up on the road and area behind the bird. Sent for the middle retired, DeeDee squared the third piece of water and ended up wide left on the up wind side of the fall. She drove up the hill and was out of sight momentarily after she crested the hill. She then reappeared and came back down onto the bird.

The starting dog #16 came to line at 9:15 and the third series was under way. Holding blinds were kept filled by our Assistant Marshalls Doug Shepherd and Nolan Nelkenbrecher,  with dogs called to line by Head Marshall John Costello.

Throughout the entire week breakfast and lunches will be available courtesy of a very generous unknown sponsor by Forbidden Zone Pizza and Restaurant. Our hospitality committee members are making sure everyone is kept fed and hydrated. Thank you !!!

This will be the only series today and will be followed by the Locals Night at the Merville Hall to show appreciation for the local field clubs (Upper Island Retriever Club, Salt Chuck HRC and Pacific Rim Hunting Retriever Club) on Vancouver Island whose members have contributed so much to this CNRC. The event is Latin themed complete with Taco Bar, Churros, and Frozen and Traditional Margaritas being served! Cocktails at 5 pm, dinner at around 6.

UPDATE DAY 2: At 2:15 pm there are still 17 dogs left to run. The wind picked up late morning and has been steady gusting to 20 km/h. The test is taking about 10 minutes a dog to run. The judges will finish Series 3 today but may be a bit late for Fiesta-Locals night which begins at 5 pm.

Callbacks – dogs 27, 29 and 32 not called back. Dog 25 starts the fourth series. It will be a water blind at Swamp Dog farm.



Locals Latin night was a resounding success! Excellent food, good company and salsa music ended a wonderful second day at the CNRC. Many thanks to Deanna Parker and her team – Sophia Parker, Tracey Griffin, Carol Redekopp, Leslie Milne and Stephanie Zeller. Well done ladies!!!

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