SEPTEMBER 23, 2023

Ninth Series

Another beautiful morning greeted us on the final day of the 2023 CNRC. Series 9 a land quad was held on the Shelter Point Distillery grounds steps from the Strait of Georgia.


The 9th series is a land quad, shot long right retired (mallard drake 422 yds), long left retired (rooster pheasant 276 yds) , (both long birds thrown left to right) short right retired (rooster pheasant 160 yds right to left) and short left (rooster pheasant 177 yds right to left). The weather is cloudy with a strengthening SE wind gusting to 20 km/hr.
The go bird was thrown across a small gap in the tree line. The gap was an invitation to hunt short of the fall and end up backsiding the gun. The right hand short bird was in the middle of the field with high cover and no visible points of reference for the dog. The throwers were in a low blind that was indiscernible in the grass. The short bird was pinched in to the long throw behind it and dogs needed to check down to successfully pick it up. The long left retired was thrown out from behind a large bushy tree. Deep cover was behind the bush and an invitation for dogs to fade in behind the blind and hunt the tall grass. Long hunts were the result with dogs often out of sight for a period of time. The long right retired was thrown against the back tree line. Dogs tended to fade to the left when they reached the final line of cover before the bird, resulting in some long hunts.
The male test dog Joe handled by Mark Roberts backsided the go bird  and after a big hunt picked it up. The short right retired was picked up after a short hunt. The long left retired was problematic resulting in a long hunt after Joe curved in behind the bush and hunted the deep cover behind the blind before moving out into the field and finding the bird. Joe did a good job on the long right retired. The female test dog DeeDee did a good job on all the marks.
Dog #41 was called to line at 8:15 and the test was on. 9:20 am brought a bird change with 10 running dogs to go. The wind was building, skies had become overcast and the rain had begun. The test was finished by 10:30.
Callbacks 10 dogs were called back to the 10th series 10,12,16,18,23,36,38,40,41,44. Dog # 18 starts the 10th.

10th Series

The 10th Series Water quad was held at the Fosgate Road property. Three marks were thrown in line down a channel- Gun #1 threw a drake mallard left to right landing on shore – (316 yds), gun #2  was a land mark throwing a rooster pheasant right to left at 207 yds, gun #3 threw a drake mallard left to right down shore landing on shore at 126 yds. Gun #4 threw drake mallard left to right down shore landing on shore at 76 yds. Guns 1-2-3 retired. Gun number one had a long entry and a period of time when the dogs were out of sight in the water on the way to the bird. Winds were E to SE with gusts to 30 km/h. The test took approximately 20 mins per dog.

The test dogs were litter mates Flicker handled by Linda Page and Brant handled by Lynn Johnson. Probably not many test dogs in the 10th have been brother and sister! Linda and Flicker ran first. Flicker picked bird 2,3 and 4 without any issues, #1 proved a challenge with Flicker ending up on the point between gun 1 and 2 where she disappeared from view for short time. She was handled into the left channel and to the bird. Lynne and Brant had good birds 2, 3 and 4. On the # 1 bird Brant started to square the channel and was handled to the bird.
Jobs varied on this test from excellent to some handles and two pick ups. The test was finished just before 4:30 and the caravan moved back to Swamp Dog farm (test site 1) for the announcements of finalists and the winner(s).
Arriving back at Swamp Dog Farm we were greeting with amazing Buffet tables created by Deanna Parker and sparkling apple juice to toast the winners!!!
Under the new NRCC combined test rules (combined Open and Amateur Championship) if a professional wins, an Amateur National Champion will also be declared from the best finishing amateur dog & handler team, so we could be celebrating two National Champions this evening!

And the Finalists are!

from left to right #10 NFC Trulines Just Floyd handler Amie Henninger, #12 FTCH AFTCH Coolwaters Black Line QFTR JFTR handler Dave Douglas, #18 FTCH Bowrivers Where The BlackTop Ends QFTR handler Dan Danforth, #40 Belmonts Quiet Riot QFTR JFTR handler Kevin Hill, #16 FTCH Belmonts Fat Bottom Girl QFTR JFTR handler Kevin Hill, #23 NFTCH AFTCH Flint Rivers Fifty Shades of Blue QFTR handler Connie Dresser, #36 FTCH AFTCH Prairiestorm on the River QFTR JFTR handler Kevin Ashfield, #44 FTCH AFTCH Maplepond Zwingli of Ellsmore QFTR handler Daniel Shnitka

and the winners are

2023 NFTCH  – #10 NFTCH NFC Trulines Just Floyd handler Amie Henninger

2023 NAFTCH  – #36 NAFTCH FTCH AFTCH Prairiestorm on The River QFTR JFTR handler Kevin Ashfield
Gallery for the day


Special events such as the National Retriever Championships cannot take place without the generous support of sponsors.  Thank you to all sponsors who contributed to make this an exceptional event!