SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

September 14, 2022 Daily Report brought to you by Garmin, the Official Electronic Training Collar Sponsor of the National Retriever Championship.

Welcome to Day Three of the National Retriever Championship.  It is a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the mid 20’s. The wind is briskly blowing 25 km/hr from the NW.

Today’s test is at  Palador Farms near Tillsonburg ON.

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The test site for Test #5 is a stubble field with a ditch of natural cover running through the center at Paladar Farms. The mat faces southwest and the wind is from the northwest at 25 km/hr.

Today’s test is a land quad with one retired gun and an honor.  The first bird thrown, a drake mallard, is the long  middle-right hand bird (277 yds) thrown to the left.  The gunners retired behind a brushed in blind. The second bird thrown, a hen mallard, is the outside right bird (200 yds) thrown to the right out into the field. The next bird thrown, a hen mallard, is the short outside-left bird thrown to the left (70 yds) into the natural cover. The go bird is the middle-left bird also thrown to the left. This is a hen pheasant.

Today’s test dogs are Astrid handled by Peter Mottola and Piper handled by Grant Koeing. Due to the judges tweaking bird #2, another test dog ran, Allanports Canvasback Kid “Kid”, owned and handled by Scott Adams.

Click here to view Male Test Dog “Kid” running Test #5.

Starting Dog #36 came to the line at 10:20 am.

Test #5 Left hand birds
Test #5 Right hand birds


Female Test Dog


Owned by Peter and Judy Mottola and handled by Peter

Male Test Dog


Owned and handled by Grant Koeing

Male Test Dog


Owned and handled by Scott Adams


31 dogs called back to Test #6.  Dogs not called back are #1, 20, 26, 31, 44 and 49.

NEXT TEST - Test #6 Land Blind

Test site for Test #6 is Test Site #4 Dalton White Farms - 802 James Street Delhi (enter through driveway on Dalton Rd) 42.838438   -80.488715

Starting dog is #45

Caravan is leaving from the Port Rowan Community Center at 7:00 am.  Test Dogs at 7:30 am



Jenny DeLeemans
Darlene Broomhead - FT Secretary
Gunners coming in
Grant Koenig- Assistant Marshal
Gunners ready to go
Gunners coming in
Walt Vessey Marshal
Sponsor Program Team and Reporting Team: Laura Danforth, Lorne Parker, Carrie Whenham and Kevin Riddell
Jenny and Gloria


The Worker’s Party was held at the Burning Kiln Winery in St. Williams ON, a beautiful venue to celebrate the many many individuals who have worked very hard to make the 2022 National Retriever Championship a great event!

We were treated to a delicious meal of tossed salad, fresh veggies, scallop potatoes, cabbage rolls, ham and red velvet and chocolate cake for desert.  Thank you to James Oake and Carrie Whenham, the Manitoba Gun Dog Association and the Winnipeg Field Trial Club for supporting the Worker’s Party and thank you to Lorne Parker, lead of the NRCC Sponsor Program.

After dinner, Darlene Broomhead and Bill Kennedy welcomed everyone on behalf of the National Retriever Club of Canada and the Long Point Retriever Training Club to the 2022 National Workers Party.  Individuals were called up to receive their worker’s bag and NRCC workers pin in recognition of their contribution to the 2022 National.

Happy Birthday was sung to Dave Wardle and Jenny DeLeemans!

Congratulations to Dan DeVos, the winner of the Garmin Pro 550 e-collar raffle and Larry DeLeemans who won the door prize of a gift basket filled with goods from local merchants.

Darlene present Connie Swanson, a retiring NRCC Director, with a NRCC pin, thanking Connie for her years of serving the NRCC.

Darlene asked everyone to take a minute to remember the field trialers who we have lost this past year.  Leona Modesto, Diana Beatty, Bryon Fritz, Bill Little, Kevin Howarth, Gail Komadowski and Bill and Velma Cumming will be missed.


Today's breakfast was sponsored by the Labrador Retriever Club of Central Ontario.

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