SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

September 13, 2022 Daily Report brought to you by Purina, the Official Sponsor of the National Retriever Championship, Official Dog Food Sponsor and the Official Dog Food Supplier to the National Retriever Club of Canada.

Welcome to Day Two of the National Retriever Championship.  The day started out a cool 13 degrees and was rainy with occasional thunder and lightning.  Rain was heavy at times.  Early afternoon the clouds disappeared and the sun came out.  Temperatures rose to 20 degrees.

Today’s tests are at Dave Wardle’s property near Langton, ON

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The site for Test #3 is a natural grass field with patches of goldenrod, a few round hay bails and a small technical pond.

Test #3 is a water triple with one retired gun.  The center gun is the first bird thrown (180 yds).  It is a drake mallard thrown to the right.  The second mark is the left hand bird,  a hen mallard thrown to the right (175 yds).  The gunners retire into a brushed in holding blind. The third bird is 80 yds tight to the middle gun station thrown to the right across a channel in the pond. The running mat faces northeast. Due to the unsettled weather conditions, the wind was swirling in all directions.

Click here to view Male Test Dog running Test #3.

Today’s test dogs are Astrid handled by Peter Mottola and Piper handled by Grant Koeing.

The starting Dog was #12 came to the line at 8:30 am. RAIN DELAY from 10:20 am to 12:24 pm.  Test finished at 3:00 pm

Test #3 Triple water marks with one retired gun
Test #3 Triple water marks with one retired gun
Go bird


Female Test Dog


Owned by Peter and Judy Mottola and handled by Peter

Male Test Dog


Owned and handled by Grant Koeing

Male Test Dog - Grant and Piper


The site for Test #4 is a natural grass field with patches of goldenrod and a small technical pond.

Test #4 is a water blind (165 yds) through the technical pond with 2 gunners. The mat faced west and there was a 10 km/hr wind from the southwest.  The blind was a hen mallard.

Female Test Dog, Astrid, handled by Peter Mottola ran first followed by Male Test Dog, Piper, handled by Grant Koeing.

Starting Dog #25 came to the line at 3:50 pm. Test concluded at 7:00 pm.

Click here to view Female Test dog run the water blind.

Test #4 Water Blind
Test #3 and #4
Test #4 Water Blind
Blind planter at the bird


41 dogs called back to Test #4 Water Blind.  Dog #10 was not called back

37 dogs called back to Test #5 Quad Land Marks.  Dogs not called back were #12 18, 23 and 46

NEXT TEST - Test #5 Quad Land Marks

Test #5 will be at Test Site #9 Palador Farms - 432549 Zenda Line Tillsonburg 42.905653   -80.717305

Starting Dog #36

Caravan will leave Port Rowan Community Center at 8:00 am and Test Dogs will run at 9:00 am


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Today's breakfast was sponsored by the South Western Ontario Retriever Training Club and the Northern Ontario Retriever Association.

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